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Josh Charles To Direct An Episode Of The Good Wife Season Six

The Good Wife is bringing Josh Charles — but not his dearly-departed alter ego Will Gardner — back into the fold in Season 6.

The actor, fresh off his supporting actor Emmy nomination, tells TVLine that he’s slated to direct another episode of the CBS drama later this season.

This will mark Charles’ fourth time calling the shots on The Good Wife, following Season 4′s “The Art of War” and last season’s “The Next Month” and “Tying the Knot.”

The Good Wife kicks off its sixth season on Sunday, Sept. 21 at 9/8c.


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Josh Charles on his Emmy nomination — and the ‘Good Wife’ Best Drama snub

Josh Charles received his second Best Supporting Actor nomination this morning for playing (the late) Will Gardner on CBS’s The Good Wife. Sick with a cold and cough, he went back to bed after getting up early to let out his dog, Zeus—and learned of his nod when he rolled over and saw a congratulatory email on his iPhone. “Nothing super fancy or exciting, sorry,” he jokes to EW. “I’m really excited about it even if my voice doesn’t sound normal.”

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Lead and supporting actors don’t have to choose an episode to submit until after they’re nominated. Will you go with “Hitting the Fan”?
Josh Charles: The two episodes that stick out to me, as an actor, would be “Hitting the Fan” and “The Decision Tree.” So one of those, probably. I’ll just have some people who I really trust watch them both and tell me which one they feel is best. Or however that works.

The “Hitting the Fan’” scene when Will sweeps off Alicia’s desk in anger after learning she’s leaving the firm [No. 3 on EW's list of the 50 best TV scenes of the year] is almost iconic now. When did you know how great that was going to be?
I knew when I read that script that it was brilliant writing. The accumulation of everything that had been planted at the end of season 4 and the build-up of the first four episodes of season 5 to that moment—you were anticipating when you were gonna read the episode where Will found out. How it was structured, it was a master class in writing. It got me super excited to play it, because Will goes through so many different things. I think in both of those episodes—but maybe more so in “The Decision Tree” when Will cross-examines Alicia [EW gasps]—you get to see a little more under his armor. You got to see more raw emotion that was covering a lot of the anger and rage.

I see your dilemma.
I’ll figure it out. I have no shot of winning anyway. [Laughs] I’ll go with which one I feel proudest of.


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EMMYS Q&A: Josh Charles Reflects On ‘Good Wife’s All-Time Biggest Shocker

Josh Charles was part of one of the most shocking moments of the year when his character Will Gardner was gunned down on CBS’ The Good Wife. This was the longest TV stint for Charles—he previously toplined Aaron Sorkin’s critically praised ABC comedy Sports Night, which ran for two years in the late ’90s. Charles already has one Emmy nom for The Good Wife and now is Image to join a long list of actors who won supporting acting drama Emmys after their characters were killed off, including Drea de Matteo and Joe Pantoliano of The Sopranos, Margo Martindale of Justified and, most recently, Boardwalk Empire’s Bobby Cannavale.

AWARDSLINE: Were you looking to do a series when you were approached for The Good Wife?
JOSH CHARLES: I don’t think I particularly was, but it came my way, and I thought it was really well written. I liked the fact that it was shooting in New York and Julianna (Margulies), who was a friend, was doing it. So, yeah, I wasn’t really looking to do a series, per se, but this one came around, and I’m glad it did.

AWARDSLINE: You never signed a standard seven-year deal, it was more you re-upping every year. Why was that?
CHARLES: I would rather not bore people with contract details, but the reality is that I had a very short-term deal, it was renewed a couple of times over, and at the end of the fourth year my contract was up, and I chose not to renew. It was just a creative decision for me wanting to go and explore new stuff—in my life, in my career. I was always going to try to give the show a few episodes this year to help them arc it out, but I’m glad that we ended up doing more.


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Gallery Update: 4th Annual Critics’ Choice Television Awards

Added a few pictures of Josh at the Critics’ Choice Television Awards held at the The Beverly Hilton Hotel on June 19, 2014 in California. Thanks to Claudia for the pictures.


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Gallery Update: Bette Midler’s NYRP 13th Annual Spring Picnic

I’m sorry I am late for these. I am very busy lately. I will try to add the Critics’ Choice pictures tomorrow.


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Drama Actor Roundtable

The arrival of Josh Charles at Mack Sennett Studio in Los Angeles’ Silver Lake neighborhood on the morning of March 30 was like seeing a ghost. Only seven days earlier, the Good Wife star (and long-time pal of panelist Jon Hamm) was brutally killed off his hit CBS series, lending a palpable memorial vibe to the start of an otherwise buoyant gathering of six dramatic actors: The Newsroom’s Jeff Daniels, 59; Ray Donovan’s Liev Schreiber, 46; Masters of Sex’s Michael Sheen, 45; The Normal Heart’s Mark Ruffalo, 46; Mad Men’s Hamm, 43; and Charles, 42.

Join in as these veteran performers of film, theater and television debate the merits and failings of Twitter, why the talent agency system is failing up-and-comers and why a fear of typecasting — and never working again — often can be an actor’s most effective tool.

Josh, explain your decision to leave The Good Wife.

JOSH CHARLES I had a weird contract, and it was up at the end of the fourth season. When I was asked to renew, I thought hard about it. A broadcast network schedule is 22 episodes a year. That’s a long time to be playing the same character. I was eager to move on. I wanted to leave the show in a good place, and I felt really proud of the work. It’s hard to articulate exactly what …

JEFF DANIELS You were bored out of your mind. (Laughs.)

CHARLES I actually wasn’t bored out of my mind! There were moments of feeling burned out.

JON HAMM Julianna [Margulies] had a similar thing on ER, right? She left when that thing was going crazy.

CHARLES Yeah, I think so. She was the first person who called me about it. We had a long heart-to-heart. She was really understanding and instrumental in getting me to stay longer than I planned. We gave the character a proper goodbye. I think we all feel like it’s one of our best years. I’m happy because I got to be a part of that.

How much input did you have in your character’s exit?

CHARLES Last year, [co-creator] Robert King — he was directing the finale and this was soon after I’d made the decision — told me, “I think it’s going to be a very finite kind of ending.” I said that sounds great. There were two options, you know? A lingering exit or pulling the cord. I trusted them implicitly as storytellers, and [killing my character] was dramatic and shocking, so that was it.



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Critics’ Choice TV Awards 2014 Nominations

Best drama series
The Americans (FX)
Breaking Bad (AMC)
Game of Thrones (HBO)
The Good Wife (CBS)
Masters of Sex (Showtime)
True Detective (HBO)

Best supporting actor in a drama series
Josh Charles, The Good Wife (CBS)
Walton Goggins, Justified (FX)
Aaron Paul, Breaking Bad (AMC)
Peter Sarsgaard, The Killing (AMC)
Jon Voight, Ray Donovan (Showtime)
Jeffrey Wright, Boardwalk Empire (HBO)


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